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Total Amount Spent
January 1, 2018
Citizen's Guide - Revenue

Federal Revenue Explorer

Where does the money come from?

In 2017, the Federal Government collected $3.3 trillion. If you lived or worked in the United States during this time, you likely contributed to this total in some capacity. Believe it or not, taxes aren’t the only source of federal revenue. Discover the various sources of revenue, examine trends over time, and compare total revenue of the U.S. to other countries.

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Contracts over time

Contract Spending Analysis

How has federal contract spending changed over time?

We wondered what we could learn by analyzing ten years of USAspending data on federal contract spending. We also wanted to know if we could identify a relationship between the type of funding provided by Congress--new appropriations or continuing resolutions--and the amount the federal government spends on contracts.

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Federal Spending Accounts

Federal Account Explorer

Discover the federal government’s spending accounts

The government has almost 2,000 spending accounts that it uses to spend money. Use this interactive tree-style visualization to explore these accounts and see how much money has been spent.

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Federal Contracts (Sunburst Diagram)

Contract Explorer

Who receives federal contracts?

The federal government spends about $500 billion each year on contracts -- that's roughly the size of Sweden's economy. Learn more about contract recipients and what agencies receive from these contracts.

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Photography by Pablo Unzueta-Homelessness

Homelessness Analysis

Explore federal programs that address homelessness

On a single night in 2016, more than 500,000 people experienced homelessness in the United States. This visualization uses grant data to show the federal government's approach to addressing homelessness.

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Sankey Diagram

Budget Function

See how the government categorizes its purchases

Data from allows you to connect two different ways the government categorizes spending: what it pays for and what it's trying to achieve with those purchases. Use this visualization to explore broad spending categories.

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Photography by Al Seib-Workers In Government

Federal Employees

Who works in government?

There are hundreds of types of federal employees - special agents, park rangers, and medical staff who care for veterans, to name just a few - who live all across the United States. Use this visualization to explore federal employees’ occupations, salaries, and locations.

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Stacked Bar Chart

Competition in Contracting

How often do federal agencies compete contracts?

The federal government is required to use competition when issuing contracts for goods and services, with a few exceptions. See which federal agencies employ competitive practices most frequently with this analysis.

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