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In FY 2017, over 60 percent of federal contracts were competitively awarded.

How often do federal agencies compete for contracts? In FY 2017 more than 60% of federal contracts were competitively awarded.

Why does the government use competition when awarding contracts?

Competition is a healthy component of maintaining the integrity of the federal procurement process. Competition generates better quality and lower costs for goods and services purchased in support of agency services to the American taxpayer.

The 1984 Competition in Contracting Act requires full and open competition while also allowing for exceptions in certain situations. In many cases, federal agencies will pursue competition even when an exception to the law applies, as competition may help to provide innovative solutions or better prices.

Competition in Contracting
Updated as of December 2017
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How We Conducted This Analysis

This analysis is generated directly from data available in the Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation, which is the source of U.S. federal procurement data on Data updated Dec 2017.