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The federal government spends about $500 billion each year on contracts - that's roughly the size of Sweden's economy.

Ever wonder who's getting federal contracts and what agencies are awarding them? This tool lets you explore contract-related information for FY 17, including which organizations received federal contracts, contract amounts, awarding agencies and sub-agencies, and the types of goods or services contract recipients provided to the federal government.

How does the government buy things?

The federal government uses contracts to buy the things it needs, from office furniture to airplanes. It also uses contracts to buy services ranging from internet to research and development. Federal agencies and their sub-agencies are responsible for issuing contracts and categorizing the goods and services they purchase using Product and Service Codes (PSC).

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Updated as of December 2017
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How We Conducted This Analysis

We conducted this analysis using agency contract data for prime contract awards in FY 2017, which agencies report to (and which is publicly available). Each reported contract includes information about the agency and sub-agency that awarded the contract, the contract recipient, and a Product and Service Code, which indicates the goods or services delivered as a result of the contract.

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