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Data Lab Logo of an abstract American flag referencing a bar chart
Contract Federal Explorer

The federal government spends about $500 billion each year on contracts - that's roughly the size of Sweden's economy.

Ever wonder who's getting federal contracts and what agencies are awarding them? This tool lets you explore contract-related information for FY 18, including which organizations received federal contracts, contract amounts, awarding agencies and sub-agencies, and the types of goods or services contract recipients provided to the federal government.


This diagram has three rings. The inner ring represents federal agencies, like the Department of Defense, which are sized by the total dollar amounts they spent on contracts in FY 17. The middle ring represents sub-agencies, like the Air Force, which in most cases actually award contracts to contractors. The outer ring represents the contractors who receive awards from those sub-agencies.

  • Hover over any part of the diagram to get a preview of the information featured in the next layer
  • Click on an agency (inner ring), sub-agency (middle ring), or contractor (outer ring) to zoom in on that entity and get more detailed information about it
  • Click the white center circle to reset the sunburst
  • To find a specific agency or contractor by name, type the name into the search bar.
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