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Data Lab Logo of an abstract American flag referencing a bar chart
Data Lab Logo of an abstract American flag referencing a bar chart
Federal Account Explorer

Did you know that the government has almost 2,000 federal spending accounts?

Ever wonder who's getting federal contracts and what agencies are awarding them? This tool lets you explore contract-related information for FY 19, including which organizations received federal contracts, contract amounts, awarding agencies and sub-agencies, and the types of goods or services contract recipients provided to the federal government.


  • On the first branch, click any agency to reveal how that agency is organized into sub-agencies.
  • On the second branch, click any sub-agency to reveal that sub-agency's federal accounts.
  • On the third branch, click any any federal account to go to its Federal Account Profile on There, you will find an account description, how much money flowed in and out of the account in a fiscal year, and more.
  • Click and drag the visualization to re-center.
  • Use the reset button at the top left corner to reset the visualization.
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